Organix Obsessed!

Every few weeks, I remember my main goal in life – to keep my hair healthy! So last night, I did an intense moisturizing treatment for my hair. Every time I do this treatment, I swear I will do it every week (or even every other day!). My hair feels SO soft and delicious, I just can’t stop touching it!! I literally was telling everyone I saw at work today to touch my hair. I’m like “FEEL IT!! IT’S SO SOFT!!!”. And yes, I might have taken it a little far for the workplace (and maybe made a few people feel awkward), but it just feels so great. So for everyone who needs a deep conditioning treatment, THIS is what you should be using:



Organix “Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco – Intense Moisturizing Treatment”. It’s literally the best thing for your hair. I am obsessed. The directions say to leave it on for about 5 minutes, which really isn’t that long. I shampoo my hair, then run this through my hair and try to really get it massaged in, and then shave my legs. By the time I am done shaving, it has pretty much been 5 minutes. So if you are a person who says “No way, I don’t have 5 minutes to wait around” …you are wrong! Take a nice relaxing shower, throw in the moisturizing treatment, do your body wash, shave, and voila! Your hair is conditioned and ready to be soft and fabulous!

I buy this product at my local grocery store (because it is the only place to buy things in my small mountain town), but it is available almost anywhere. For a place accessible to all, Target is always a good place to find it! Here is the link : Target: Organix Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Intense Moisturizing Treatment

If you want to check out more Organix products, click here: Organix Hair Products


Summer Is Almost Here!

Sorry I have been m.i.a. the last few days! The winter season is coming to a close, and it’s been super stressful. But the silver lining is….. I have the next 2 months off!!! The perks of having a seasonal job. My last day is *hopefully* Monday, and then I will be giving this blog the attention it deserves. So stick with me a few days and I promise you won’t be disappointed! My hope for this summer is more food blogs, home decor diy blogs, and fashion blogs of course! During my two months off, I hope to fix up our apartment even more, so get ready for a lot of diy posts. 🙂

xoxo ❤



I have been eyeing this clutch for a while, and I need someone to convince me to buy it. It’s gorgeous and would go with everything. I can just picture it with a crisp white button down, skinny jeans, and some fabulous riding boots or heels. It’s definitely more of a fall bag, but I think I could make it work in the summer. And, a leopard clutch ALWAYS goes with a little black dress. So that’s an option. I’m just so obsessed with this clutch, I think I am going to have to buy it. It’s by Clare Vivier, and costs $210. This is roughly the cost of a smaller Kate Spade or Marc Jacobs bag. I think it’s on par in my book with those designers just based on the cuteness factor. I think I’m sold!

To check it out, click here: Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch

What do you think? Would you buy this bag??

xoxo ❤

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Need a Dinner Idea? Try This Easy Turkey Wrap!

Sometimes…I just want some turkey-bacon-avacado in my life. So tonight I decided to make a wrap. I had most of the ingredients already, I just had to pick up some deli turkey and avocados. The whole dinner idea originated because we had some left over tortilla wraps that were going to go bad if we didn’t use them soon. So enough talking…here’s how to make it!


Deli turkey – pepper jack cheese – iceberg shredded lettuce – avocado – turkey bacon – light mayo – garlic parmesan spread

photo1-9 photo2-3

The Hidden Valley Oven Roasted Garlic Parmesan spread is the best find! They make all these new spreads for dip or sandwiches and they are DELISH! I strongly suggest that you check this spread out, it’s legit.


Put the tortilla on your plate. Spread a few squirts of low fat mayo and a few dabs of the Garlic Parmesan spread on the tortilla. Make sure it is spread evenly (Picture 1). Next, place the cheese on the tortilla, along with a few slices of avocado and two (or more) pieces of bacon (Picture 2). Now place the deli turkey on the wrap, and finish with the shredded lettuce (Pictures 3 and 4). Roll up the tortilla – this is a little tricky if you overloaded it like I did…



And TADA! Dinner is served.


How easy was that?! And it’s SO yummy. Your boyfriend will definitely approve of this one, I know mine did! 🙂

Summer = Sandal Time!!

Here is my fashion pick for the day: Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Madden Girl Karizma Sandal!



I mean how cute are these?! They just remind me of the perfect sandals to wear with like a white shirt/tank top and jean cutoff shorts. Kind of a casual cool hipster vibe. These are definitely sandals that my sister could pull off. She looks like Kendall Jenner.  It’s a little obnoxious because I look nothing like Kendall Jenner haha but I have come to terms with it 🙂 I just love that the Jenner girls are making their mark on fashion. I think their jewelry/clothing/shoe lines are WAY cooler than their older sisters (the Kardashians) line at Sears. Their lines are just more hip and cool, in that not trying hard way. And they have teamed up with Pac Sun, Nordstrom, and Steve Madden. That alone tells you how legit they are. I’m definitely a fan!

If you like these sandals as much as I do, check them out here: Kendall and Kylie – Karizma Sandal

It’s the perfect time to buy, because Nordstrom has recently just put them on sale! They are only $46.77! What a steal!

What sandals are you eyeing for summer??


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Beauty Must Haves


These two products save my hair on a daily basis. After dying and highlighting my hair for most of my life, my hair was pretty fried. I decided I needed to take charge. I switched up my shampoos and conditioners, and went on a quest to find the best things to make my hair healthy. Well, here are two products that have done just that for me. The first is Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco from Organix. This is oil that you put on your ends/the lower half of your hair when it is damp. I brush it thru with my fingers, then brush my hair once to incorporate it fully. When your hair dries, it feels soooo soft and silky, it’s unreal. The second product I love is Moroccan Oil – PROTECT (Heat styling protection). This is a spray that you apply before straightening or curling your hair. It protects your hair against the heat. I have recently been into beach waving my hair, so this has come in handy. You never want to curl or straighten your hair without some sort of protection. The heat can really fry your hair. I hate when my hair breaks off because I haven’t taken care of it. These two products have really improved my hair’s quality. I can feel and see a major difference.

*Note: The Moroccan Oil is pretty hardcore, so hold the spray at a good distance from your head and only mist your hair lightly. If you get too much on, it makes your hair a little greasy! And no one likes that!

What are your favorite products??


Easy Dinner Idea!

This is one of my favorite things to eat – chicken caesar wraps! They are very easy to make, and remind me of the lunches I used to get in college. The business school I attended had the BEST chicken caesar wraps. My friends and I would get them like every other day. Here’s how to make them:

First, ingredients:

Croutons – lettuce- cooked chicken (diced) – parmesan cheese – tortilla wraps – caesar dressing – diced sweet onions (see pic #2)






*I included the picture of the onion keeper. It is my new favorite thing! You stick your half cut up/half used onion in this little plastic container, and it keeps it fresh and ready to go for the next day you need it! Genius!

The actual steps needed to make this meal are beyond simple. Just mix all the ingredients together and put in a tortilla wrap. Then roll up in a burrito fashion and BOOM! You’ve got your wrap.



Seems great right?? Let me know how it goes for you!

xoxo ❤

DIY Liquor Cabinet

Do you ever see those Home Decor DIY sections on HGTV and think there is no way I can do that. Well guess what! You CAN! My parents love DIY projects (especially my Mom), so I have grown up always looking at things and thinking about how I could change them. What people usually don’t realize is most DIY projects are super easy. Here is a DIY project that I did this year that took about 20 minutes. The results were fab.

I’ve been living with my boyfriend for over a year now. I moved into the apartment he had lived in for the last 7 years.   Needless to say, it was very dirty and manly. Old posters on the walls from his childhood, dirt caked to every floor board, and beyond stained carpet. I have tried my best to clean it to a normal living standard, but some days I just wish I could live in a brand new house that is all clean and has bright white molding. But ANYWAY,  I have slowly started decorating the apartment and trying to make it look nice. My first step was making this liquor/drink cabinet. We had run out of room for all of my fun drinking glasses, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Here’s how:



Black Acrylic Spray Paint

First, find an old cabinet/shelving unit. It could be one you already have that is just really outdated, or you can go scouting at a thrift store or garage sale. Don’t spend over $10. This should be really cheap. Free or $2 would be my goal. I actually got this shelf from my parent’s house. They were getting rid of it. It came at just the right time.


Next, take the shelving unit outside. You do NOT want to get spray paint all over your house. The fumes alone would be really bad for you. So take it outside to a place you don’t care if gets ruined with paint. I placed my shelf on an old chair on the front stoop that I didn’t mind if it got paint on it. You could also put a tarp down on the ground underneath your work station if you don’t want paint to get on your grass/sidewalk/etc.



Spray the shelf with your spray paint. Make sure you hold the can slightly away from the shelf so it applies perfectly and not too gloppy.



Let the first coat dry for about 30 minutes to an hour. I get ancy and usually can only wait 30 minutes. Then spray another coat of paint. Make sure that every surface is covered and even. Let the shelf/cabinet dry for at least 2 hours outside before bringing it into your home. Wet paint is a major mess if it get’s where you don’t want it to.

TADA!! How shiny and fabulous is this?!?!



The final product turned out exactly how I was hoping it would. I fit perfectly in the corner and I was able to display all my glasses.




What do you think?! Would you try this DIY project??

xoxo ❤

Spring Is (Almost) Here!!

Today, a glorious thing happened up here in the mountains… rained!!! This is HUGE! It means spring it almost here! Since it snowed just a few days ago, I have not had much hope for spring being here anytime soon. But then today it rained, and my hope was restored!! So in honor of the spring weather that will show up within the next month (*fingers crossed*), here is my fashion find for the day.


It’s called the “Sauvati Washed Linen Crochet Poncho” and it is from Calypso St. Barth! I love love love this. It’s so casual-cool, perfect for spring and summer. This is definitely something I will need when I go on a beach vacation (I better plan one stat!). It seems so light and airy, it would be a good thing to always have with you in case you need to throw something on as it gets cooler as the sun goes down up here in the mountains.

This poncho costs $275, but if you buy it right now, they are having a promo code for friends and family thats 25% off! Go to their website to check it out:

Calypso St Barth – Sauvati Crochet Poncho

What do you think? Is this not the most perfect poncho/shirt you have ever seen?!?! Let me know!

xoxo ❤

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Reality Roundup

I have to admit…..overall, this week in reality tv was pretty blah. There were no shows/plot lines that really stuck out to me this week. It was one of those situations where I realized I was not very entertained with the shows, and would be online or reading a magazine while watching (aka not super invested). Normally, I put all the distractions away to full commit to my episodes. But this week, I gave up. So here is my very short synopsis, because honestly – I was just not loving it. The following post is about all I could muster. I watched probably 10 reality shows this week, but only the following four I have anything to say about. And as you can see, it is not much…..

RHOA – I feel bad for Kandi..her mom is being very mean to her.  I can’t imagine trying to marry someone who my mom didn’t approve of. I wonder what happens to NeNe next week with the hospital situation…I’m guessing nothing.

RHNYC – I like how at her dinner party, the Countess was like “I’m going to bed! Goodnight ladies!” aka.. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! The party is over! haha and then the mermaid situation – like Red Sonja..what is that? Aviva going back to where her accident occurred – gag. I literally wanted to fast forward. I just really can’t stand Aviva. Next week they better step their game up. And I think they will since the Beverly Hills housewives are making an appearance #CrossoverEpisode. At least they have that going for them.

Southern Charm – The redhead is wack. I think everyone is correct that she has ulterior motives. I hope her and the senator break up soon!! That dinner party was kind of funny, but next week looks like tv gold. Can’t wait!

RHBH: Secrets Revealed: This was probably my favorite show of the week. I love the Beverly Hills housewives, and seeing the lost scenes made me happy. I especially liked when Brandi got new furniture. I know that feeling of pure excitement over a decorating splurge!

What did you think about this week in reality tv?? Did you have the same feelings of despair as I did?

xoxo ❤