Mani Monday: Essie Merino Cool


I have been searching for a new color for a few weeks now, and I stumbled upon this perfect Essie shade at Target last week. It is a gorgeous mix of grey and a slight hint of purple. It changes slightly depending on the light. I am OBSESSED with it!! It is called Merino Cool, and it is definitely a must have. It’s a perfect fall shade, or just a daily shade when you want to feel dark and a little mysterious. My cousin, who is way tanner than me, bought Master Plan, which is also a great color. It’s a nude that looks way lighter than Merino Cool. The difference is the skin tone. I know that Master Plan would not look great on me, because my skin tone is too light to offset it. However, it looks perfect on her! So here is my tip for the day — if you are tan, go for the lighter nude-brown of Master Plan, and if you are super pale, go for the darker Merino Cool. Trust me.


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