Need a Dinner Idea? Try This Easy Turkey Wrap!

Sometimes…I just want some turkey-bacon-avacado in my life. So tonight I decided to make a wrap. I had most of the ingredients already, I just had to pick up some deli turkey and avocados. The whole dinner idea originated because we had some left over tortilla wraps that were going to go bad if we didn’t use them soon. So enough talking…here’s how to make it!


Deli turkey – pepper jack cheese – iceberg shredded lettuce – avocado – turkey bacon – light mayo – garlic parmesan spread

photo1-9 photo2-3

The Hidden Valley Oven Roasted Garlic Parmesan spread is the best find! They make all these new spreads for dip or sandwiches and they are DELISH! I strongly suggest that you check this spread out, it’s legit.


Put the tortilla on your plate. Spread a few squirts of low fat mayo and a few dabs of the Garlic Parmesan spread on the tortilla. Make sure it is spread evenly (Picture 1). Next, place the cheese on the tortilla, along with a few slices of avocado and two (or more) pieces of bacon (Picture 2). Now place the deli turkey on the wrap, and finish with the shredded lettuce (Pictures 3 and 4). Roll up the tortilla – this is a little tricky if you overloaded it like I did…



And TADA! Dinner is served.


How easy was that?! And it’s SO yummy. Your boyfriend will definitely approve of this one, I know mine did! 🙂


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