Beauty Must Haves


These two products save my hair on a daily basis. After dying and highlighting my hair for most of my life, my hair was pretty fried. I decided I needed to take charge. I switched up my shampoos and conditioners, and went on a quest to find the best things to make my hair healthy. Well, here are two products that have done just that for me. The first is Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco from Organix. This is oil that you put on your ends/the lower half of your hair when it is damp. I brush it thru with my fingers, then brush my hair once to incorporate it fully. When your hair dries, it feels soooo soft and silky, it’s unreal. The second product I love is Moroccan Oil – PROTECT (Heat styling protection). This is a spray that you apply before straightening or curling your hair. It protects your hair against the heat. I have recently been into beach waving my hair, so this has come in handy. You never want to curl or straighten your hair without some sort of protection. The heat can really fry your hair. I hate when my hair breaks off because I haven’t taken care of it. These two products have really improved my hair’s quality. I can feel and see a major difference.

*Note: The Moroccan Oil is pretty hardcore, so hold the spray at a good distance from your head and only mist your hair lightly. If you get too much on, it makes your hair a little greasy! And no one likes that!

What are your favorite products??



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