Reality Roundup

I have to admit…..overall, this week in reality tv was pretty blah. There were no shows/plot lines that really stuck out to me this week. It was one of those situations where I realized I was not very entertained with the shows, and would be online or reading a magazine while watching (aka not super invested). Normally, I put all the distractions away to full commit to my episodes. But this week, I gave up. So here is my very short synopsis, because honestly – I was just not loving it. The following post is about all I could muster. I watched probably 10 reality shows this week, but only the following four I have anything to say about. And as you can see, it is not much…..

RHOA – I feel bad for Kandi..her mom is being very mean to her.  I can’t imagine trying to marry someone who my mom didn’t approve of. I wonder what happens to NeNe next week with the hospital situation…I’m guessing nothing.

RHNYC – I like how at her dinner party, the Countess was like “I’m going to bed! Goodnight ladies!” aka.. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! The party is over! haha and then the mermaid situation – like Red Sonja..what is that? Aviva going back to where her accident occurred – gag. I literally wanted to fast forward. I just really can’t stand Aviva. Next week they better step their game up. And I think they will since the Beverly Hills housewives are making an appearance #CrossoverEpisode. At least they have that going for them.

Southern Charm – The redhead is wack. I think everyone is correct that she has ulterior motives. I hope her and the senator break up soon!! That dinner party was kind of funny, but next week looks like tv gold. Can’t wait!

RHBH: Secrets Revealed: This was probably my favorite show of the week. I love the Beverly Hills housewives, and seeing the lost scenes made me happy. I especially liked when Brandi got new furniture. I know that feeling of pure excitement over a decorating splurge!

What did you think about this week in reality tv?? Did you have the same feelings of despair as I did?

xoxo ❤






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