Spring Purse Picks!


I’m really into blush and nude/light tan purses right now….so here is my round up of the best ones just in time for spring!


Marc Jacobs – Too Hot To Handle Bentley Leather Tote

Color: Cement

Price: $498

I shouldn’t love this bag, but I do! The color is that perfect mix of blush/nude, and it’s just all around a great tote. It’s big enough to hold anything you might need, and has the attachment for a side-banger strap, which I love. Life is better with side bangers.

Click here to check it out!



Kate Spade – Holden Street Olivera

Color: Pebble

Price: $378

This is the perfect purse to get for business purposes. I have always wanted a light colored briefcase-esque bag that looks professional but can also be an everyday purse. I think this does the trick. I love this bag in the nude pebble color, however you could always get it in black or red if that is more your style.

Click here to check it out!



Forever 21 – Unstructured Faux Leather Tote

Color: Taupe

Price: $24.90

This is a much more wallet-friendly option. If you like the idea of the light tan/blush purses, however don’t want to invest $300+ …this is the purse for you! It is always a good idea to check out places like Forever 21 or Aldo for cheaper purses. They always have ones that look relatively similar to the higher end brands, but for very affordable options.

Click here to check it out!



Tory Burch – Marion Slouchy Tote

Color: Light Oak

Price: $595

This bag is a gorgeous blush color. It is definitely a spring bag. I love all things Tory Burch, so this had to be added to the list! You can never go wrong with a little TB. This bag is at the slightly higher end of the price range, however it is well worth the investment.

Click here to check it out!

Images courtesy of http://www.marcjacobs.com, http://www.katespade.com, http://www.forever21.com, http://www.toryburch.com

Fashion Find – Lilly Pulitzer Harp Wrap

Image courtesy of http://www.lillypulitzer.com

I’ve recently been looking online for a new dress to wear to a wedding in Florida. What better place to start than Lilly Pulitzer? Their dresses are always fun and summery, perfect for beach weddings. I stumbled across this wrap/cape scenario and I think it is a must have! Throw it on with jeans or white jeans and you immediately look classy and put together. AND it looks super comfy. Win-Win. So what do you think?? Is this not the cutest wrap ever!!

Lilly Pulitzer Harp Wrap

Color: Spectrum Blue Getaway Stripe

Price: $78

To purchase: head to anywhere Lilly Pulitzer is sold. Or check out their website, Lilly Pulitzer

#Obsessed – Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser


I hardly ever talk about my skin care routine, however today I must share a must have! It is called Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, and it is the best face wash ever!! I have always had awful skin, and since moving to the mountains it has become even more of a disaster. It is oily, yet super dry. On top of that, for years I have had blackheads I’ve never been able to get rid of. Enter: Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. I don’t exactly understand how it works, but basically the charcoal pulls out all the impurities in your skin. I have been using this since the summer, and my skin keeps getting better and better! It has gotten rid of most of my blackheads, and is still gentle enough that I can use it in the morning AND at night! I use this cleanser with my Clarisonic brush, and the results I have gotten are shocking. I never thought my skin could change so dramatically. Now granted, I still have a long way to go, but this facial cleanser gives me hope that I will one day get to the skin I have always dreamed of having.

To purchase – check out your local drugstore, grocery store or Target. It is sold wherever most facial cleansers are sold.

Time For A Mini Hipster Shoe Sesh!


I recently bought some Vans. It was a weird day in my life. I have always been a prepster who was strictly opposed to Vans. They were so hipster..so skater..so not me. But as I have been living in the mountains, I have become more intrigued by them. Everyone up here seems to wear them, so they must be comfy right? I vowed never to try them out…until one day I stumbled upon these bad boys: Vans Chevron Slip Ons. Obviously..I had to have them. I mean they were chevron print!! If there was ever going to be a time that I gave in to this hipster-skater trend, this was the time. So I bought them. And they are very comfy (for the 5 minutes I tried them on). I haven’t actually worn them yet, but once fall gets here, I am going to incorporate them into my wardrobe (but only when I’m feeling a hipster vibe).

Here are some other “Vans”-esque shoes I found…supposedly they are in right now. Designers like Givinchy have even made some! Who would have thought…

So browse the links below and see what you think! (Vans seems to be the only company that has done the chevron print, but leopard is ALL over the place!)

Givenchy Leopard Print Slip Ons         Steve Madden Leopard Print Slip Ons

Are you into this trend?? What is your favorite slip on shoe??


Pottery Barn Throw Blanket…For Less!

Pottery Barn Blanket

I recently went shopping, and died over Pottery Barn’s new holiday decor. Between their fall decor and the upcoming Christmas decor(found in their catalog), I could definitely spend hundreds of dollars there very quick. I especially loved their faux fur throw pillows and throw blankets. They look so delicious and perfect. Very cozy for those cold winter days. Unfortunately, the throw blanket I really wanted cost $129. That was a little too pricey for my taste. So I left the store empty handed. I then strolled into Target (my home away from home). I went straight to the home section (obvi) and what did I find?! A faux fur white blanket on sale for $13.99!!!! What a steal!! This is what I love. Finding things that I love at the more high end stores, and then scouting around to find them on the cheap! So now, I get the look I want, my boyfriend doesn’t think I’m crazy for spending $129 on a blanket, AND I have $100 more dollars to spend on something else! (Like the Pottery Barn fur pillows to match!). Target is the BEST! If you ever want the look of Pottery Barn but can’t spend that much money, always look at stores like Target, Home Goods, or Ikea. They have great deals, and when you mix high priced and low priced items, no one knows the difference! I like to spend more money on certain things, and then save money on other accessories. For example, I discovered that the cheapest pillow inserts are found at Ikea. They are like $3.00! And then you can buy the Pottery Barn or West Elm pillow covers for $30-$40 and not feel bad about it. Instead of spending $12-$18 on a pillow insert PLUS $30-$40 on a pillow cover at Pottery Barn, you just saved that extra $12-$18 and no one will ever know the difference! That’s almost enough for another pillow cover! It’s all about the mix and match. My tip is never buy things on a whim. Figure out what you want and then shop around to find the best price you can on that item. I always scout out the stores, write down what I want, and then go home and online shop to see if I can find similar things for a better price.

So here it is — the blanket I based my purchase at Target off of:  Faux Fur Throw from Pottery Barn    How luxe is that?!

Pottery Barn Blanket

I couldn’t find the Target throw blanket I bought online, but here is a picture of the info tag 🙂


Doesn’t that look the same?! So flurry and furry!

So what do you think? Are you always searching for a sweet deal like I am?! Leave me a comment and let me know!


Image courtesy of http://www.polyvore.com



Must Have: The Tangle Teaser


I have discovered a hair product that is a must have. It is called the Tangle Teaser, and it is a life saver.photo1-11

I have very tangly hair. When I get out of the shower, no matter how much conditioner or leave in conditioners/oils I put in my curly hair, it is so tangled. It takes me at least 10 minutes to brush through my hair. It’s obnoxious. I try to go slow so that I won’t pull all my hair out, but it is still a project. Enter….the Tangle Teaser. I had heard of this product, but like most things, if I have to buy it online, I usually don’t end up doing it. For some reason, I don’t enjoy online shopping that much. However, when I saw this product at Sephora, I knew I had to give it a try. It was FABULOUS!!! I used it in place of a brush once I got out of the shower. The Tangle Teaser made brushing through my tangles much easier. I think it took half the time to get through the tangles. I am obsessed! Anyone who has curly, tangled hair needs this in their life!!

To purchase, check out their website. Or find it at Sephora!

I love this product!!



I am SO excited for fall. Totally over this summer weather. The other day it was 35 degrees up here in the mountains, so fall is definitely on it’s way! In honor of the upcoming season change….here is my current obsession:

Emerson Ankle Boots from Free People


I mean honestly…how SICK are these!! They are so grunge/hipster cool. I WANT!

If you want to check them out… click here: Emerson Ankle Boot

Let me know what you think! Aren’t they just to die!?



Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (NYDJ) are unreal. I had heard of the brand for a while, but thought – as the name states – that they were more for moms. And then I was at Nordstrom Rack…and boom! There were a lot of the Not Your Daughter’s Jeans on the racks. I had just recently heard from my mom that my aunt raved about her NYDJ and said my mom HAD to try them. So I thought, why not. I’ll give them a try. I needed a new pair of jeans. I tried them on, and was so shocked. I have gained about 20 pounds in the last few months, and jeans/pants were just in general not looking good. But the NYDJ jeans looked great on me! Theyslimmed my stomach, and got rid of my love handles! They come up higher than normal jeans(around my belly button) but it’s perfect because then you don’t have the love handles popping out. They also have a hint of stretch, which makes them comfy and slightly more forgiving. I was shocked and very happy. It sounds corny, but my new NYDJ really helped my self confidence. I’ve slowly been working on loosing the weight I gained, but I am happy to know that I have a pair of jeans I feel comfortable wearing until that happens.

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans are sold at many major department stores. If they are too pricy for you, check out Nordstrom Rack. I got mine at a very good price!

To check them out, click here: NYDJ

So what do you think? Are you a fan of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans?! Let me know!


DIY Flower Arrangements

I’ve been scouting out fake flowers for a while. I have some brightly colored fake flowers from Ikea that sound cheesy but are actually super cute for a pop of color in the family room. But I’ve always pictured nice white bouquets in a few vases I have laying around. I wish I could buy fresh flowers every week like some people, but that can be super expensive. And the flowers at our local grocery store are usually dead by the time they get up here, so it’s really not worth it. The issue with fake flowers is that they can look super fake and lame (duh) if they aren’t good quality. Enter Pottery Barn. I became obsessed with Pottery Barn fakies about 4 months ago, and finally hit up a store to see if they really looked as good in person as they did online. They did. They were magical. I HAD to have them. So I bought 3 fakiez from Pottery Barn, and then 5 fakiez from Michaels (way cheaper). Mixing high and low costs leads to perfect arrangements. 🙂

Can you tell which is $12.50 and which is $4.99??

IMG_2005 IMG_2006


Making fake flower arrangements is very simple. Grab your vases, and let’s get going!


( It was a dreary day today, I needed a fun activity.)

For me, the fakiez I got were too long (see below pic), so I needed to cut them. Trimming fake flowers is a little obnoxious because the insides of them are wire and cardboard and plastic and all these weird things. You definitely have to cut, pry and work at it, but they will eventually break off. It just might take a little bit of strength and will power. 🙂

IMG_2007 IMG_2008


And that’s all you have to do! Here is my finished product! Now, they are not completely finished because I need to buy more clear marbles or something to put in the bottoms of them – but you get the idea! Super fab right?! And they will look perfect every single day!



To purchase these fake flowers – check out http://www.potterybarn.com or http://www.michaels.com. I just bought these flowers within this week, and both stores were having sales – so the time to buy is now!

The bouquet on the left is all Michaels flowers – $4.99 each, I bought 5 of them. They were on sale for $2.99 each that day – so total cost was $15. The bouquet on the right is all Pottery Barn flowers (gorg!) – $12.50 each, I bought 3 of them. They were on sale for $10 – so total cost was $30. I had a coupon as well, so my total cost ended up in the $20s ..I think it was about $24.

Some people might think spending $10 a pop on a fake flower is insane, but I just think the quality is SO legit that it’s worth it. And realistically if you average out the cost of fake flowers over the year or two that you will have them – it equals close to nothing.

So those are my new flower arrangements! What do you think?!