Organix Obsessed!

Every few weeks, I remember my main goal in life – to keep my hair healthy! So last night, I did an intense moisturizing treatment for my hair. Every time I do this treatment, I swear I will do it every week (or even every other day!). My hair feels SO soft and delicious, I just can’t stop touching it!! I literally was telling everyone I saw at work today to touch my hair. I’m like “FEEL IT!! IT’S SO SOFT!!!”. And yes, I might have taken it a little far for the workplace (and maybe made a few people feel awkward), but it just feels so great. So for everyone who needs a deep conditioning treatment, THIS is what you should be using:



Organix “Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco – Intense Moisturizing Treatment”. It’s literally the best thing for your hair. I am obsessed. The directions say to leave it on for about 5 minutes, which really isn’t that long. I shampoo my hair, then run this through my hair and try to really get it massaged in, and then shave my legs. By the time I am done shaving, it has pretty much been 5 minutes. So if you are a person who says “No way, I don’t have 5 minutes to wait around” …you are wrong! Take a nice relaxing shower, throw in the moisturizing treatment, do your body wash, shave, and voila! Your hair is conditioned and ready to be soft and fabulous!

I buy this product at my local grocery store (because it is the only place to buy things in my small mountain town), but it is available almost anywhere. For a place accessible to all, Target is always a good place to find it! Here is the link : Target: Organix Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Intense Moisturizing Treatment

If you want to check out more Organix products, click here: Organix Hair Products


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