Cinco De Mayo Fiesta!

Hi Everyone! I’m back!! I was in a festive mood yesterday, and went crazy cooking a big mexican fiesta! Usually when mexican food is involved, my boyfriend is the one who does the cooking. He has learned how to cook authentic mexican from some of his friends parents, and he does it VERY well. But as luck would have it, my boyfran was snowboarding at A-Basin yesterday, so it was up to me. Luckily for me, the Food Network was running a lot of Cinco De Mayo episodes, so I got seriously inspired while doing laundry/watching tv. And keep in mind, if I can do it.. YOU can do it!!

First up – fresh pico de gallo!


4 tomatos – 1 sweet onion – 1 jalepeno – a handful of fresh cilantro – salt – pepper (and chips, obvi!)


Really all you have to do is dice all your veggies. This seems easy, but does take some time. So first, dice your tomatoes. I actually cut them open, then scrape out all the seeds and extra juices before I put them in my mixing bowl. I personally don’t like tomatoes that much, so I try to avoid any unneeded slimy parts. It’s your call 🙂

IMG_1936 IMG_1937

Next, dice your onions. I did pretty big chunks of all my veggies, because I didn’t want to chop my fingers off trying to get the smallest dices possible. Add them to your bowl of tomatoes. If you like a little heat, add a diced jalepeno. I take out the seeds, so it’s not too spicy. Just perfect. Roughly chop/tear the cilantro and add to the bowl. Add a little bit of salt and pepper (up to you how much you want). And voila! You’ve made pico de gallo!


I mean how pretty does the final product look?! And it’s SO GOOD!! I love how fresh it tastes.



So what do you think?! Is this not the easiest, most stastifying thing ever?!


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