Cinco De Mayo Fiesta!! Part 3



So after I made the two salsas, I figured I should make some guacamole. Because really…what mexican fiesta is complete without guac.


2 1/2 avacados – pico de gallo – salt and pepper – tortilla chips

Since I had just made the pico de gallo, the guacamole was super simple to put together. All you have to do is mash up the avocados, add some pico de gallo and salt and pepper, and mix. And there you have it.

IMG_1953  IMG_1955 IMG_1957


Talk about simple, this was for sure the quickest part of the meal I made.


I had half an avocado that I had saved from the other night with this funny goop I found at Sur La Table. It’s just the rubbery-flubber like thing that you put over your avocados and it keeps them fresh for a few days! It’s GENIUS!! I suggest everyone go get one, if you eat avocados as much as I do. I think it was about $5, a steal!



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