Cinco De Mayo Fiesta! Part 4


Okay, last mexican fiesta post! A fiesta is not a fiesta without FAJITAS!!!! Some people are scared of making fajitas, but they really are quite simple. You can do it! I promise!


1 white onion – 1 fajita skillet sauce – olive oil – steak – red and yellow peppers

First, cut the onion. You want pieces that are long and will get slightly smaller when you cook them. The easiest is to cut the onion in slices, then cut those in half.



Next, cut the peppers in the same long, thin slice fashion.


Lightly pour some olive oil in a sauté pan. Then add the peppers and onions. Cook these on medium heat. I usually cook them for as long as the meat is cooking. It ends up being roughly about 25 minutes.

IMG_1949   IMG_1952



While the peppers and onions are cooking, you need to cook your meat. I chose steak for these fajitas, but you could use chicken as well. At our local grocery store, they sell steak already cut up in thin slices for stir fry,  but it also doubles as fajita meat! If your store does not have meat already cut up, you can just buy your favorite cut of meat and thinly slice it. You can cook the meat in a sauté pan, or a bigger pot like I did. (I only did this because my other pans were dirty, and I didn’t feel like doing more dishes haha) Cook the meat over medium heat.




Once the meat is fully cooked (it usually takes about 15-20 minutes), then it is time to add the secret ingredient…….. FAJITA SAUCE!! I LOVE LOVE this sauce. It’s by Rick Bayless, and since I am a cooking show geek, I get excited every time I eat a well-known chefs food. 🙂 So you add the sauce to your meat and let it simmer for about 5 minutes. Then your fajitas are ready to be prepared!


Here is the finished product, it was SOO GOOD! My Cinco De Mayo fiesta was a success!! Maybe I filled my tortilla with too much ingredients so that I couldn’t roll it into a burrito….but oh well! It was delicious! *Shown with a Strawberry-Limearita. yum yum 🙂



So that was my Cinco De Mayo…what do you think?! Will you try to make some of these recipes for your hubbs?





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