An Ode to Yoga Pants

Do you ever have those days when you just don’t want to go to work? When you can’t get out of bed and you snooze your alarm for 30 minutes, until you finally have to jump up and throw something on to make it on time? Well that was me today. But lucky for me, I work at a ski resort, where there isn’t a dress code. Yes, there is a slight dress code depending on what department you work in. But lucky for me, I have a great boss and co-workers, and a hidden desk job where no customers have to see me. Which means – no dress code! This gives me the freedom on days like today, when I couldn’t get out of bed until 20 minutes before I was supposed to be at work, to throw on yoga pants. YOGA PANTS!! In any normal corporate job, this would NOT be okay. But somehow I have found the only job that utilizes my college business degree skills, while still giving me the freedom to dress how I would like. So fine, I might not make as much as an investment banker in NYC, but at least I get to be comfy while compiling my reports. (Today I literally sat in a 4 hour long meeting, wearing a tshirt, fleece, yoga pants, and socks. No shoes. Just socks. Because how I am going to sit cross-legged in my chair if i have shoes on? It’s not possible. And who likes to be uncomfortable in a 4 hour long meeting?? Not me!) No heels required, no suits required, no makeup required. Let’s be real – not even shoes are technically required. When I sit back and think about my options, I realize I actually have it pretty good.


So today this post is dedicated to yoga pants. May you continue to be part of my dress code. And may others one day get to wear you as part of theirs.

xoxo ❤


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