Foodie Friday!


Welcome to my delectable dinner from last night, a PANINI!!  Paninis are super easy to make, and SO delicious!! My boyfriend is a pro at making these, so we eat them often. (I can make them as well, but it always seems better when he makes them haha) Paninis are a great go-to when you have no ideas on what to make for dinner. This particular panini is a turkey, bacon, avocado panini- my fav! All you need is the following:

1/2 a pound of turkey breast (fresh from the deli! I love the cracked pepper turkey or cajun turkey)

1 avacado (each panini gets half an avocado)

A pack of turkey bacon (Slightly healthier. You only need two pieces for your panini, so the rest can be used for breakfast or for a yummy pasta for dinner later in the week.)

Cheese – I branched out and tried a new type of cheese I saw at the grocery store. It was called “White Cheddar Chipotle”. It was pretty good. Any cheese will do. My favorites are pepper jack, provolone, or mozzarella. Pick whichever cheese is your favorite. I usually put two pieces on my panini for optimal cheesiness.

Bread – I used whole wheat bread because that is my go-to bread, but whatever is your favorite will work great.

Condiments – I’m not a big condiments person, but the sandwich just needs a little something so it’s not too dry. I put the slightest amount of low fat mayonnaise possible on my sandwich. My boyfriend puts mayo and mustard on his. It’s your call.

Now comes the fun part. First, preheat your panini maker. To make the panini, the first step is to cook the bacon so it is ready to go. Place the bacon in a small pan and cook for about 4-5 minutes depending on the temperature of the your stove. You will know when it’s done. Then put all the pieces together. On one side of the bread, spread a small amount of olive oil for the perfect crispiness in the panini maker. Place the bottom piece of bread (olive oil side down) on the panini grill. Next, place the condiments, then the cheese, then the turkey, then bacon then avocado. You can really layer these any way you want. Finish with the top piece of bread, with the olive oil side up. Close the panini maker and let the magic happen! It usually takes about 4 to 5 minutes for a perfectly melted panini.

The panini maker I use is the following:

My mom gave it to me as a gift because she knows how much I like food! It is inexpensive, and does the perfect job!!

What’s your favorite panini to make??

xoxo ❤

Powder Babes


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