Reality Roundup

So now that I have a plan…let’s get this going!

This week on reality tv was hardcore. I feel like I’ve watched so many shows, I don’t even remember what happened two days ago!

RHBH Reunion Part 3 – This was wack. I love the Beverly Hills housewives, but the reunion made me a little iffy on Lisa. She has always been my favorite, however the Lisa-Brandi situation is upsetting and hard to understand. And I definitely think that Lisa should apologize, she does seem to have a problem with that as Brandi and Kyle have said. Long story short, I hope better things happen next season!

Southern Charm – The redhead is pregnant with the coke-head senator’s baby?! No wait, false alarm! Okay, now they are dating?? Then she got on the Chuck Bass guy?? Now the senator and Chuck Bass are fighting because of the redhead’s stories? It seems like she lies a lot.. and is just trying to cause drama. This show is almost too dramatic for me to watch, but obviously I secretly love it because I’ve tuned in 3 weeks in a row. Survey says I can’t wait for next week when the cute prepster guy calls the redhead out on banging 3 dudes in two weeks…OH SNAAPPPP!

Total Divas – I don’t really have any comments on this show, because it’s all very predictable. I watch it because I like the one Bella twin and John Cena’s relationship……but in reality, there’s really not much to say. Diva wrestlers get in girly drama, slap each other, fight a little, and then go cuddle with their “man” (as they always love to say). The end. Get ready for the same story next week.

Eric and Jessie: Game On – I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. They are so cute, and so hot. Like I feel like I have a gurl crush on Jessie. She’s gorg! I can’t even pay attention to the plot because they are both so good-looking! I mean what happened this week? Who knows..something about Jessie being pregnant. Who cares- they are hot.

RHOA – Bitches be cray, as always. And apparently the husbands are cray as well.  That is all.

RHNY – The New York housewives have never been my ultimate favzies (I’m more of an OC, NJ and BH girl), but I do love to watch them. Ramona and Sonja are just so ridiculous, its great. And I love how the Countess made an appearance this week. She just tries to be so proper, it’s laughable. It’s like just be yourself geez. I like the new girl, she’s funny and seems pretty normal. Aviva is just wack, I can’t take her. I’m definitely pro-Carol on this one. BookGate has gotten blown out of the control.

Chrisley Knows Best – I stumbled across this show with my sister, and knew immediately that it was reality gold. It’s funny, but in a completely cheesy way. I’m like, is this really your life?? The dad is so controlling, I can’t believe they all go with it. But it definitely makes for some laughs, so I’ll approve.

Guiliana and Bill – SO glad they are back! And on E! This is big. It makes me happy that they are so successful, and Baby Duke looks JUST like Bill. Soooo cute! I hope they are secretly having a surrogate baby RIGHT now and are going to announce that they are like 7 months along or something crazy. #FingersCrossed

There are a lot of other reality shows, but as you can see from this post, my go-to channel is Bravo with a side of E!.

What did you think about the reality shows this week?? Leave me some comments!

xoxo ❤

Powder Babes



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