Relationship Update

This week has been an emotionally and mentally draining week. But I find in times like these, my boyfriend always surprises me. He sees that I’m sad, or knows that I’m upset, and adapts. It’s always slightly shocking to me that when my mood is struggling, he steps up to the plate to make me smile. It’s not anything big, but just dancing around or doing something silly to make me laugh really helps. So fine, maybe he doesn’t give me a billion hugs and say let’s snuggle and watch Gossip Girl…but he does his little things. And that’s what I need to appreciate. Because when you sit back and think about it, he’s trying his best in his own way. And it does make me smile. So this week, instead of a question, I pose an idea to you:

Appreciate the people around you and what they do to make you smile. ❤

What do you think? Have you had an epiphany like this??



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