Foodie Friday

Today’s Foodie Friday post is a delicious pasta dish that you could make this Labor Day weekend to impress your guests! It’s super easy.. I based this recipe off one of my favorite pasta dishes at the restaurant Brio. I invented this dish because unfortuneately the pasta pesto dish I loved so much at Brio was discontinued! How rude. But anyway, here is the recipe!

Ingredients Needed: Sun Dried Tomatoes – Pesto Sauce – Pine Nuts – Baby Spinach – Penne Pasta (or whatever is your favorite pasta!) – Parmesan Cheese/Feta Cheese (optional)

IMG_2246 IMG_2247 IMG_2248 IMG_2249


This is literally one of the easiest pasta dishes. First, cook your pasta (follow directions on the box). Once the pasta is cooked, drain it, and return it to your sauce pan. Turn the heat on low. Next, add in the pesto sauce, sun dried tomatoes and baby spinach. (I don’t give amounts because it really is up to you and what you like most). Why you need to turn the heat on low is to slowly wilt the spinach slightly. Add in the pine nuts, and feta cheese/parmesan cheese(if you want). Some people might toast the pine nuts, but that seems like a lot of unneeded effort. Normal pine nuts taste GREAT! So that’s all there is to this dish! I mean seriously, how easy is that?!  Another addition to this dish – you could add in cut up chicken tenderloins chunks to give it more of a hearty taste (obviously cook the chicken before you add it).



Doesn’t that look SO delish!? Let me know what you think!



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