Relationship Wednesday

I have decided to instigate “Relationship Wednesday”. This is where I will post about my relationship. Why? Because my boyfriend and I have a very odd, yet very normal (I think) relationship. And I feel like I most people would relate. Also, I just kind of need to vent sometimes! You guys will be my therapy. haha. So here goes….

Today, my boyfriend called me annoying. And yes, I get that I am annoying, but you aren’t supposed to tell me that! I was like –mouth dropped open– “RUDE!!!” And he’s like “Well, you are being annoying!” And I get all huffy and storm off to the upstairs. And then I think, hmm what should I do now? And then I watch Real Housewives of New Jersey, and forget anything ever happened. So should I take these things that he says to heart? Probs not… but no one ever wants to be called annoying! And lets be honest, usually the only reason I am being annoying is because I don’t feel like he is giving me enough attention. So it really is his fault. haha. And I have told him this…but he doesn’t seem to get it. I guess I will just continue to be annoying and see what happens. 🙂

What do you think?? Does this happen to you too?? Let me know !



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