Lately, I’ve been super obsessed with gold rings. I’ve been seeing this “midi ring” trend, but had not gotten to a store to try it out for myself. Well, I finally ended up on a shopping spree this past weekend – and found the best midi rings! I decided  I HAD to buy some. After all, I had been admiring them on Instagram for a while. So here it is…my new favorite trend! #midirings ..What do you think??


So as you can see, I actually wore some of the midi rings as actual rings. The ring on my pinky is a midi ring, but fit my pinky as a real ring as well. The one on my ring finger also fits on the middle and pointer finger, and sits higher on those. The ring on my middle finger is a Kendall&Kylie for Nordstrom ring that my sister gave me last year. It has a chain that connects the bottom to the top. It’s pretty cool in a hipster way. Basically, midi rings are the perfect solution if you want to wear a lot of rings because the sizing can fit on any finger, it just depends what look you want!

The three midi rings in the picture were all purchased at Nordstrom – they range from $6 to $8, and were sitting in decorative bowls on the checkout stations.

What do you think about this ring trend?? xoxo


2 thoughts on “#Obsessed

  1. I love midi rings! It’s funny though, guys don’t understand them at all. They’re like “Is your ring too small? Why won’t it fit over your knuckle?”

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