Mid-day Snack?

I have found the BEST midday snack! It’s called Snapea Crisps, and they are fabulous!! Here’s a picture(look for these in your local grocery store!):



I found these at the grocery store the other day and thought I would give them a try. I picked the “Lightly Salted” flavor, but there were a few choices if salty isn’t your style. And obviously if you don’t like sugar snap peas, you might not like these…What I liked is that the whole bag is about 300 calories. THE WHOLE BAG! If you have binge eating problems like me, this is a good find. For someone who could go through a bag of chips in 5 seconds, this is a much better go-to when a craving hits. Hopefully you don’t eat the whole bag in one sitting, but if you did..it wouldn’t be the worst! Each serving is 13% of your daily fiber for the day, not too shabby!


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