Entryway DIY Makeover

As you all know, I live with my boyfriend in a not-so-great apartment. I have been trying slowly but surely to fix up everything so that we are living in a clean, nice, happy space!

We have a window right by the door everyone comes in, and the small space became our shoe spot. It might have been okay if it was a mud room, but it’s not. And of course, it seemed like an okay idea in the begining, but turned into a jumbled mess. Because really…who wants to straighten up the shoes every day.



So I decided to switch it up. I found a storage bench at Target that was too cute. And then found some summery pillows (at Target as well), which seemed to the complete the look. I also bought little decorative bowls from Target to put the dancing flowers in. Okay – as I just typed this out, I realized that the entire makeover was furnished by Target haha. Oh well – I LOVE TARGET!! What can I say!!

Here is the finished look – what do you think?! My goal is to also paint the potted plant (I hate that plant, but my boyfriend loves it). I think I will paint it in bright colors to really pop.



This whole little nook was only $125. The storage bench is on sale for $79.99 this week at Target, the pillows are on sale for $20, and the little bowls were like $5. And this is why I love Target.


Spring Is (Almost) Here!!

Today, a glorious thing happened up here in the mountains…..it rained!!! This is HUGE! It means spring it almost here! Since it snowed just a few days ago, I have not had much hope for spring being here anytime soon. But then today it rained, and my hope was restored!! So in honor of the spring weather that will show up within the next month (*fingers crossed*), here is my fashion find for the day.


It’s called the “Sauvati Washed Linen Crochet Poncho” and it is from Calypso St. Barth! I love love love this. It’s so casual-cool, perfect for spring and summer. This is definitely something I will need when I go on a beach vacation (I better plan one stat!). It seems so light and airy, it would be a good thing to always have with you in case you need to throw something on as it gets cooler as the sun goes down up here in the mountains.

This poncho costs $275, but if you buy it right now, they are having a promo code for friends and family thats 25% off! Go to their website to check it out:

Calypso St Barth – Sauvati Crochet Poncho

What do you think? Is this not the most perfect poncho/shirt you have ever seen?!?! Let me know!

xoxo ❤

(image courtesy of http://www.calypsostbarth.com)

Mani Monday!

Here in the mountains, it is STILL snowing!! No spring in sight 😦 So I decided to choose my nail colors based on my mood. I chose Essie’s new spring color “Bikini So Teeny” as my hope for spring, and one of Essie’s darker colors, “Wicked”, as my nod to the snow still being here. I love adding a little detail on my ring finger. I did white dots, let that dry, then tiny “Bikini So Teeny” dots on top of the white.


I’ve slowly increased my routine for painting my nails over the years, and now it is a whole process. Here are the basics:


Top Left: Nail Polish Remover – I love Sephora brand nail polish remover. It works the best of any i’ve found. This one is Formula X.

Bottom Left: Essie “Apricot Cuticle Oil” nail polish. I put this on after the nail polish remover. I paint it on my cuticles around my nails and then rub it in. It is the best moisturizer, especially for my dry mountain hands. (The cold weather is rough on them!)

Top Right: Essie “Grow Stronger” nail polish. I put this on after the cuticle oil. Since I do my nails a lot, I recently adopted this step. I have noticed a big difference in my nails since using it. It keeps them healthy, and gives a good shine. If you don’t want to do actual color, this is a good go-to. It helps nourish your nails, and makes them shiny. The perfect combination.

Bottom Right: The two Essie colors I picked this week, Wicked and Bikini So Teeny.


Let me know what you think! Do you put little designs on your nails? Have you adopted spring colors yet??

xoxo ❤

Fab Find!

Last fall I was vacationing in the Hampton’s (legit, I know), and found the most fabulous shirt at Lilly Pulitzer. It was dark pink and had gold buttons and I just loved it. I bought it on the spot, and wore it with jeans and riding boots in the fall. It was flowy, breezy, and perfect. Well…Lilly’s newest release of spring clothes has unleashed a surprise too good to be true — my favorite shirt, but in summer colors!!!



I was SO excited. It’s definitely a must have. Not only does it incorporate my favorite things (bright colors, flowing fabric), but it is the perfect go to for spring AND summer! You can pair it with dark jeans if it’s a colder spring day, and then transition it to summer with white jeans (as the pic shows), or wear it with white shorts and a cute bedazzled sandal. The options are endless!! Throw on some gold bangles rocked with a perfect tan, and you are good to go!

Here is the link to purchase this shirt – Elsa Top – A Delicacy It’s $158 and comes in multiple colors. So if pink/blue/green isn’t for you, try this one Elsa Top – Ring the Bellboy . Or this one Elsa Top – I Got Lucky . There are 11 different printed tops (browse Lilly Pulitzer’s website), as well as a few that are solid colors (like my pink fall shirt).

What are some of your favorite go-to tops??

xoxo ❤