DIY Flower Arrangements

I’ve been scouting out fake flowers for a while. I have some brightly colored fake flowers from Ikea that sound cheesy but are actually super cute for a pop of color in the family room. But I’ve always pictured nice white bouquets in a few vases I have laying around. I wish I could buy fresh flowers every week like some people, but that can be super expensive. And the flowers at our local grocery store are usually dead by the time they get up here, so it’s really not worth it. The issue with fake flowers is that they can look super fake and lame (duh) if they aren’t good quality. Enter Pottery Barn. I became obsessed with Pottery Barn fakies about 4 months ago, and finally hit up a store to see if they really looked as good in person as they did online. They did. They were magical. I HAD to have them. So I bought 3 fakiez from Pottery Barn, and then 5 fakiez from Michaels (way cheaper). Mixing high and low costs leads to perfect arrangements. 🙂

Can you tell which is $12.50 and which is $4.99??

IMG_2005 IMG_2006


Making fake flower arrangements is very simple. Grab your vases, and let’s get going!


( It was a dreary day today, I needed a fun activity.)

For me, the fakiez I got were too long (see below pic), so I needed to cut them. Trimming fake flowers is a little obnoxious because the insides of them are wire and cardboard and plastic and all these weird things. You definitely have to cut, pry and work at it, but they will eventually break off. It just might take a little bit of strength and will power. 🙂

IMG_2007 IMG_2008


And that’s all you have to do! Here is my finished product! Now, they are not completely finished because I need to buy more clear marbles or something to put in the bottoms of them – but you get the idea! Super fab right?! And they will look perfect every single day!



To purchase these fake flowers – check out or I just bought these flowers within this week, and both stores were having sales – so the time to buy is now!

The bouquet on the left is all Michaels flowers – $4.99 each, I bought 5 of them. They were on sale for $2.99 each that day – so total cost was $15. The bouquet on the right is all Pottery Barn flowers (gorg!) – $12.50 each, I bought 3 of them. They were on sale for $10 – so total cost was $30. I had a coupon as well, so my total cost ended up in the $20s ..I think it was about $24.

Some people might think spending $10 a pop on a fake flower is insane, but I just think the quality is SO legit that it’s worth it. And realistically if you average out the cost of fake flowers over the year or two that you will have them – it equals close to nothing.

So those are my new flower arrangements! What do you think?!




Entryway DIY Makeover

As you all know, I live with my boyfriend in a not-so-great apartment. I have been trying slowly but surely to fix up everything so that we are living in a clean, nice, happy space!

We have a window right by the door everyone comes in, and the small space became our shoe spot. It might have been okay if it was a mud room, but it’s not. And of course, it seemed like an okay idea in the begining, but turned into a jumbled mess. Because really…who wants to straighten up the shoes every day.



So I decided to switch it up. I found a storage bench at Target that was too cute. And then found some summery pillows (at Target as well), which seemed to the complete the look. I also bought little decorative bowls from Target to put the dancing flowers in. Okay – as I just typed this out, I realized that the entire makeover was furnished by Target haha. Oh well – I LOVE TARGET!! What can I say!!

Here is the finished look – what do you think?! My goal is to also paint the potted plant (I hate that plant, but my boyfriend loves it). I think I will paint it in bright colors to really pop.



This whole little nook was only $125. The storage bench is on sale for $79.99 this week at Target, the pillows are on sale for $20, and the little bowls were like $5. And this is why I love Target.